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  • Ahlanna Hayes

    Swimmer - TRISWIM AMBASSADOR 2016

    ​Being a swimmer, training up to 8 times a week, and also a learn to swim teacher, I was tired of smelling like a pool and having super dry skin all the time and so began the hunt for a product that would remove the chlorine from my hair and body. This proved a lot more challenging than anticipated! I came across the TRISWIM range after trying many, many other products and TRISWIM worked!! They were genuinely the first products that removed, not just hid, the chlorine smell from my hair and skin. I have used nothing else since finding the TRISWIM hair and body range last year and my hair and skin have never felt better. Thank you!

  • Charlotte Durand

    Triathlete/Ironman - TRISLIDE AMBASSADOR 2016

    Before I started using Trislide I was having a heap of trouble as a newbie triathlete with all sorts of things rubbing. My HR strap burned lines into my chest, I was getting saddle sores so bad that I had to miss whole weeks of riding and I was even getting armpit chafe (who even knew that was a thing?!) when I wore my wetsuit for an open water swim. I was recommended a few products that were essentially just giant chapsticks or glorified vaseline that I used diligently anyway. I was covering every inch of myself with this gloopy stuff in the hope that it would make a difference. It didn’t really help, but it got EVERYWHERE. Some of them were even scented and the smell will not come off to this day. Then a friend recommended that I try this new spray bottle stuff on the market and I was dubious because it was even thinner on the skin than what I was using. From the day I first used it I haven’t touched anything else. T’s like a second (slippery) skin, it sprays on thin so a can lasts forever, you don’t have to get your hands covered in goop, its waterproof so I can put it on race morning and know it will still be there when I start the run. It’s made the whole triathlon experience much more enjoyable and comfortable. If you are having any sort of discomfort/blisters/chafing getting in the way of you doing your sport then please give this stuff a go. You won’t regret it!!​

  • Hayley Newman

    Endurance Runner/Triathlete - TRISLIDE AMBASSADOR 2016

    I was first introduced to TRISLIDE by a fellow athlete who saw me struggle with my wetsuit during one of my first Triathlons and I have never looked back. Thanks to TRISLIDE I can now be 100% sure when heading out on a long long run that I will remain blister and chafe free. After completing my first 50km Ultra earlier this year and more recently running the Phuket marathon in 30degree heat I have full confidence in TRISLIDE. Mess free, waterproof, last hours, washes out of clothing, what more could I ask for? One less pre race worry and I would highly recommend to all. Brilliant product!

  • Ashlea Hall

    Triathlete - SBR BODY CARE AMBASSADOR 2016

    You know the feeling of doing a swim set in the morning and still smelling like chlorine in the afternoon. I have been using the Triswim range for a couple of months now and I’m loving what it’s doing for my skin and hair. After using Triswim my hair and skin are free from smelling like chlorine straight away. My skin isn’t drying out anymore and my blonde hair is staying blonde, not going green! Trislide is a little miracle product that I think everyone should be using! I used to suffer from chaffing between my legs that bad that I struggled to walk after just a training long run, let alone a race. The blisters I used to get on my feet were that painful I couldn’t put shoes on. Trislide is so simple to use and sprays on so easily in any area you need to be chafe or blister free. The last 70.3 I raced I was wet from start to finish of the race due to bad conditions but I still remained chafe and blister free! Trislide has saved me from so much pain and suffering and I won’t ever train or race without it again! Foggies are amazing and have saved me from buying new goggles after I’ve scratched the inside and can’t see out of them from trying to get rid of the fogging up. Love this little product.

  • Emily Kempson

    Ironman Athlete - TRISLIDE AMBASSADOR 2017

    Long distance triathlon is a hard slog and the last thing you need to be is uncomfortable due to blisters and/or chaffing. This discomfort is not something I need to worry about anymore due to Trislide which to be honest is a massive relief! I recently switched from another product and am so happy to say that gone are the days were you dread the post long-run shower and associated chafing sting!! Trislide is so easy to use as it just sprays on, conveniently sprays on white so you can see exactly where you sprayed BUT dries clear which is perfect. Unlike Vaseline, Trislide doesn’t damage my wetsuit or any clothing materials, and unlike other competitor’s products... it doesn’t wear off with water – it has my back ALL day while I am on the road sweating it out. And did I say how good this stuff is at getting wetsuits off quick!?!? The only bad thing about Trislide is that it took me so long to find it!

  • Paul Marchant

    Age Group Triathlete - TRISLIDE AMBASSADOR 2017

    I used TriSlide for the first time this weekend while out swimming in the bay. Previously i've used other products that have had to be rubbed in around potential chafing areas but TriSlide makes it that much easier and cleaner. Just a simple spray on lubricant that completely gets rid of any rubbing or irritations. I couldn't feel any type of chafing while swimming with my wetsuit and can't wait to put it to the test during cycling and running. I'd highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a simple and effective anti-chafing solution. Bring on Tri Season.

  • Ryan Stoddart

    Endurance Athlete - SBR BODY CARE AMBASSADOR 2017

    I've been using Trislide since June and have experienced no chafing or blisters since then. In that time I've used it during an Ironman, 4 x marathon,s AND the 96km Gold Coast Kokoda Challenge in which I was running/hiking for 21hrs -NO CHAFING OR BLISTERS! Unbelievable! Triathletes will love it. Not only does it stop chafing and blisters but it makes getting your wetsuit off so more easier/quicker. When I tried TRISWIM after a recent swim I couldn't believe the difference. I only had to wash my hair once and after using the body wash I came out of the shower feeling really fresh. I went to work feeling great. Training for Ultraman I'll be spending a lot of time in the pool so it's good to know I have a product that will work for me.

  • Brent Cue

    Triathlete - TRISLIDE AMBASSADOR 2016

    I’ve been using TRISLIDE for more than a year now and am a big fan of how versatile and helpful it is. I use it on my wetsuit to help with a speedy transition when taking it off after the swim leg of a triathlon, and I also spray it inside my shoes to allow me to slip into them quickly and easily after getting off the bike before heading onto the run leg. It also means that I don’t get any blisters when running as well.


    Australian Swim Team - TRISWIM AMBASSADOR 2016

    Big goals this year for 19yr old swimmer, Ami Matsuo from NSW. Currently ranked No. 7 in her field Ami needs to move into top 6 to qualify for the Rio Olympics. Ami is spending lots of time in the pool working towards her goals and when she’s not training, Ami is teaching Learn to Swim classes. Ami has roughly 8 pool sessions a week plus 3 Learn to Swim, which generally brings on dry, irritated and itchy skin. TRISWIM will help Ami combat the effects of chlorine and get on with training.

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