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Hot spots and blisters from new shoes, or unexpected chafing from heart rate straps, new/worn clothing, backpacks or other training equipment – on your under arms, inner thigh, chest, or any other part of the body – can be an agonizing ordeal for anyone – symptoms sometimes severe enough to stop you in your tracks, followed by weeks of discomfort. The type of sport or activity doesn’t matter, nor does your body shape or size, because all areas where skin touches skin/ or skin touches fabric, are at risk. Chafing occurs when external elements such as humidity, sweat, water cause moisture on the skin and the fabric, skin or surface rubbing against that moisture creates friction ‘chafing’. So if you are physically moving and moisture is created you become a candidate for skin friction – regardless of size or athletic ability. On the feet this friction will lead to some nasty blistering that will most likely end your activity. So, how can our products help you?

How Can SBR Products Help?