Saddle Sores

Saddle sores – quite literally, a pain in the butt! “Saddle Sores” are caused by an irritation of the skin that occurs in the area where you are in contact with the saddle, also caused by sweating. If you are new to cycling, you may be more affected as your skin is not used to the constant pressure and rubbing associated with this. If you’re increasing your mileage or that pair of chamois are starting to get a bit old, you may start to feel some discomfort. So how can Trislide and Skin Slick help keep you comfortable?

TRISLIDE & SKIN SLICK Lubricant Spray contain the exact same ingredients – just different names & sizes. Trislide is a 136ml can & Skin Slick is pocket size 52ml can.

How Can SBR Products Help?