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Love being in the pool but dislike the smell of chlorine, and the dry skin and hair that comes with it?

Chlorine is the most common and effective water treatment to kill bacteria living within it; however chlorine also presents negative long-term effects on human skin. The ‘average’ person receives 50 percent of chlorine exposure from bathing, so an increased level of activity – such as swimming and all aquatic exercise – accelerates the body’s absorption of chlorine. Constant exposure to chlorine can lead to dry, itchy skin, dry hair, & conditions including: acne, eczema and rashes . If you spend a lot of time ocean swimming, salt water can also create similar problems, such as dry hair & skin.

Another common problem swimmers face, is the foggy goggles & masks. There is nothing worse than starting your dive/swim session and minutes later, your goggles/mask have fogged up. Swimming is a big part of life in Australia – at both recreational and competitive levels for all ages, which is why Triswim, Foggies & Dermasport are becoming a must have in every swimmers bag!

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